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Alongside KESIMPTA is a free support program that’s designed around you. By enrolling, you’ll receive lots of benefits and help getting started, including one-on-one support from your dedicated Coordinator, additional information on taking your medication, support in seeking coverage, and educational resources by postal mail and email. Questions? Call 1-855-KESIMPTA (1-855-537-4678), 8∶30 am-8:00 pm ET, Mon-Fri.
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Sign up for the Alongside KESIMPTA Access Card to get KESIMPTA for as little as $0 out of pocket. Whether you have coverage and need help affording your co-pay, or need free medication while you seek coverage, the Access Card helps you access your program benefits quickly and conveniently.

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Support from Alongside KESIMPTA

We’ll check in with you via calls and texts to support your start with KESIMPTA. You can also get continued one-on-one support with a dedicated Alongside KESIMPTA Coordinator by checking the box below.

Support from Alongside KESIMPTA

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